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Living Room Organization Tips

Living Room Organization Tips

February 20, 2018

A living room is one of the main rooms in a home. Families spend a countless amount of time there, and when people have guests over the living room is likely where they direct them and spend time together. Because of this, living rooms are one of the most cleaned areas of a home. Nobody wants to spend quality time with others in a room that is messy and unorganized, which is why cleaning a living or family room is essential.

Getting a living room that is tidy and organized so that it is ready for use may take some work. With cluttered coffee tables, dirty dishes, tangled cords, and so much junk and objects on the floor that make it hard to see, cleaning a living room can seem like an intimidating task, however, it does not have to be! A living room can easily be cleaned without spending a countless amount of time. To help owners, we put together a list of helpful tips that will be helpful when it comes to cleaning and organizing a living room, that way they can use the space for relaxing or spending valuable time with friends or family.

Where to begin

Sometimes a living room is not as dirty as it might be cluttered. Objects that aren’t needed, used, or simply do not have a proper storage space can quickly build up and overtake the space. Even when homeowners clean their living room, they may not get that sense of satisfaction. Before we dive into living room organization tips, it is important for homeowners to consider the following:

  • Consider whether or not an item is truly needed. If it is unknown when an item was last used, or when it might be used again, homeowners should consider either throwing it away or donating it.
  • Put objects away. When homeowners are finished using an object, they should immediately put it away. Objects that are left out will eventually accumulate and make the living area cluttered. Homeowners should ensure that their families put objects away after use to keep the area cleaner.
  • Save the vacuuming for last. By vacuuming after the cleaning and organizing is done, homeowners can ensure that the debris that has been shifted onto the floor during the cleaning process is cleaned up.

Living room organization tips

Organizing a living room is no walk in the park, but with the right tips, anyone can do it. The key to effective living room organization is knowing how to prioritize tasks. With the following tips, homeowners can clean and organize their living room to create a tidy area that guests and family members will enjoy!

Tip #1: Put things in their proper place

Knowing the proper place to put certain objects is essential quick and effective living room organization.Instead of just putting random objects into random places, homeowners should establish a certain spot for their belongings. Once these places for certain objects are established it is important to always put them away immediately after use. Doing this will reduce the chances of misplacing items, like the commonly misplaced television remote control.

Tip #2: Utilize a box or laundry basket

As homeowners are working around their living room, they should pick up scattered objects and items and place them into a box or laundry basket. If a living room is like most unorganized living rooms, there will likely be items like books, papers, toys, pillows, blankets, and who knows what else scattered around. Scooping up all the clutter and putting it into a laundry basket or box for later sorting and distribution will make living room organization a much more feasible task.

Tip #3: Remove what does not belong

Once all the random objects and items are boxed up or put into a laundry basket, it is time to start sorting through it. Anything that belongs in a different spot should be properly placed. Homeowners may find a children's book that belongs on their child's bookshelf upstairs, or plenty of other objects that can quickly add to a cluttered living room.

Tip #4: Start dusting

Once every random object is picked up and placed in its proper place, it's time to start dusting.  Living rooms are notorious for becoming dusty, so it is important to ensure that the area is dusted effectively. Homeowners should make sure to clean areas in a living room that are commonly dusty, like air vents, behind furniture, on light fixtures and ceiling fans, behind electronics, and underneath any carpets or rugs.

Tip #5: Clean the floors

Once the dusting is finished, cleaning the floors should be the next step. Floor cleaning is an essential part of living room cleaning and organization, whether homeowners have vinyl flooring, carpet or hardwood flooring. With all the traffic that living rooms see, floors can quickly become filthy and unappealing. For vinyl and hardwood flooring, a broom should first be used to sweep the floor and pick up any debris. A mop should be used for a wet wash on the floor after it has been swept thoroughly. For homeowners with carpeting in their living room, the floor should first be vacuumed and then, ideally, cleaned with a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner. In order to achieve a tidy and organized living room, a solid floor cleaning is necessary.

Tip #6: Explore decorative storage options

There are plenty of storage options available, but only a few are decorative and can increase the appeal of a living room. Typical items and objects that most homeowners keep in a living room are books, magazines, maybe a few toys for the kids, and movies. These objects and plenty of others that are commonly found scattered in a living room can make it appear cluttered and messy if they aren’t contained. Homeowners should look for decorative storage options like a truck, a storage ottoman, a coffee table with storage areas, or some attractive containers or baskets to use.

Tip #7: Eliminate cord clutter

Living rooms are generally full of electronics. With these electronics, cords and cables can quickly become tangled, creating a cluttered mess. With televisions, radios, sound systems, gaming systems, and other electronics and appliances, there certainly is no shortage of cord clutter in homeowners living rooms. Cord clutter takes up space and can make using certain electronics frustrating. However, by using a TV cable organizer, or a cable management system, homeowners can quickly manage the cord clutter in their living rooms, making them look and feel more organized and tidy.

We hope these seven tips have been helpful. By following these tips, cleaning a living room will likely be less stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming for homeowners. Remember, with all the electronics and fixtures in a living room, cord clutter can become a serious problem. However, with the proper cable management system, homeowners can effectively eliminate and reduce cord clutter. And, for the best living room cord control, homeowners need the Wrappid! The Wrappid is a cable management system that allows users to wrap their cords rapidly, hold them in place, protect them, retrieve them just as fast! The Wrappid is available in three different sizes and can be used as a desk cable organizer, earbud organizer, TV cable organizer, or as a charging cable organizer. To learn more about the Wrappid, visit our site today!

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