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Tips For Packing Luggage Efficiently

April 02, 2018

We have all been there before — frantically rushing around home trying to get last-minute packing done hours before your flight or leaving for a vacation. Whether it’s because you don’t have enough luggage space left to pack your remaining items, or your suitcase weighs over the airlines limit, packing can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.

Essential Luggage Packing Tips

Packing your luggage before a trip can be a chore. Pack too much in your luggage and it can quickly end up becoming a disorganized, heavy mess. To help make packing luggage less of a  burden, we put together some essential tips that will help make the most out of your luggage allowance. Check them out!

Tip #1: Start early

Perhaps the most important tip when it comes to packing efficiently, starting the packing process sooner rather than later can really pay off. There’s nothing worse than trying to pack a few hours before departing for your trip. This not only creates stress, it can also lead to overpacking or forgetting essential items. Starting the process early allows for more time to decide what to pack and what to leave behind. Plus, there is no other feeling of success like being packed and ready to go days before leaving and you will likely feel more confident about your travels in general.

Tip #2: Make a list

In addition to starting the process early, having a packing list handy can be very helpful. Packing lists will not only make the packing process easier, it will help ensure that you are packing only the essential items that you need. Create a list, gather your clothing items and accessories, pick up any additional items you may need on the list and being packing your luggage. Packing lists are a fail-safe way to ensure that you pack your essentials before leaving for a trip.

Wrappid Tip: Are you flying? If so, be sure to know your airline’s baggage fees before packing. Most airlines will allow at least one bag on international flights, while most domestic carriers will often charge hefty fees. Ensure that what you are packing is not only essential for your trip but is also within the weight limit set by airlines to avoid burdensome fees.

Tip #3: Keep essentials out

There’s nothing worse than looking for your earphones or wallet only to remember that they are packed away deep in your luggage. While packing, be sure to set aside all the important things you may need during your travels. This can be headphones, reading glasses, medicine, your wallet, or other important items. By keeping these essential items separate you will be less likely to pack them in your luggage, let alone forget them.   

Tip #4: Roll clothes, don’t fold

Many frequent travelers, even backpackers, agree that rolling clothes is far more superior to folding them. Tightly rolled clothes will take up significantly less space and will be less susceptible to deep wrinkles from fold creases. In addition, small or fragile items can be placed within rolled clothes for extra protection. For bulkier and less-flexible items, such as jeans, you can fold them normally and use them as a flat base to begin packing your rolled items onto.

Tip #5: Wear heavier items

Sweaters, jackets, boots, and other bulky items can take up a lot of luggage room. Plus, these items often weigh more. Ideally, to pack minimally, it is best to bring one jacket, and one pair of shoes for your travels. However, weather conditions may require more than one of these items. If this is the case, it is best to keep the lighter options in your luggage and wear the heavier ones. By wearing a heavier jacket and boots while traveling, your luggage will be significantly lighter and allow for more luggage space.

Tip #6: Try an e-reader

A great way to pass time while traveling is by reading books. As great as books can be to bring along on a vacation or trip, they are often heavy, bulky, and take up a lot of room. If you are a bookworm who enjoys a good read while traveling, leave your heavy literature at home and invest in an e-reader. E-readers are small, slim, and weigh less than most paperback books and they can store a seemingly-infinite number of books on them.

Tip #7: Eliminate luggage cord clutter

Oftentimes our suitcases and carry-on bags can become tangled and cluttered with cords and cables. Whether cords are from earphones, phone chargers, or personal items — such as higher dryers or curling irons — they can quickly make your luggage a disorganized mess. Luggage cord clutter can be quickly be eliminated with the Wrappid! The Wrappid is one of the best cable management systems available as it quickly stores, organizes, and protects cords and cables of all sizes. Whether you are looking for an earbud organizer, a computer cable organizer, a charging cable organizer, or other cord control solutions, the Wrappid is the perfect tool to pack corded items efficiently and eliminates the hassle of tangles and knots.

By following these tips before your next trip, packing your luggage will not only be easier, it will also be quicker and less stressful. If you are interested in reducing the amount of tangles and cord clutter in your luggage while traveling, visit our site to learn how the Wrappid can help! When you are ready to rapidly organize your life, order the Wrappid!

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