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Organizing Your Desk and Workspace

Organizing Your Desk and Workspace

January 30, 2018

Desks. Many jobs across the world require sitting at them, and one thing that most desks have in common is that they come become extremely messy, cluttered, and unorganized. Whether you are new to the office work environment or someone who has some experience under their belt, maintaining a tidy and organized desk amidst a day’s work can be a real challenge. Sometimes, a desk can become so cluttered that it becomes overwhelming each time one sits down. With all the towers of paper, loose pens, coffee mugs, and other personal and office items, organizing your desk may seem like an impossible task.

The office life is nearly unpredictable, which may be why junk and office clutter tend to pile up quickly. And, with the business of the work day, when is there time to effectively clean and organize your desk space? One minute, you’re logging into your computer and sipping coffee, and the next, you’re signing off and clocking out; there’s absolutely not enough time. However, even though it is easy to get used to working around the clutter on your desk, in all reality, the desk will have to be cleaned eventually, as it can really impact productivity. Did you know, according to a study, the average worker wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for paper or files, which can increase stress and reduce focus and creative thinking.

While cleaning your desk may seem like a challenge, we are going to share some simple and quick organizing tips that will have your desk looking straightened and composed. Not only will an organized desk help productivity, but it will also be easier to maintain. If organizing your workspace intimidates you, just follow these helpful tips.

Start with a huge clean

While this may be the most time-consuming step, it is essential to getting your desk and workspace organized. Unfortunately, that means tackling the stack of papers scattered across the desk’s surface. When you start to clean, remain committed and go through everything you have on your desk. Flip through every folder, file, and paper that is on your desk, and decide what is worth storing in a folder or file cabinet and what is worth just tossing or shredding. This may take a while, so be sure to give yourself enough time before or after the workday, as it will help you avoid trouble and frustration in the future.

Sort what you have

Once you have tossed all the clutter and papers that are no longer needed, it is time to organize what you decided to hang on to. If you don’t have a file cabinet or drawer for paperwork, it may be beneficial to invest in one, or a file basket, tray, or rack to set on top of your desk. Many office workers choose to sort paperwork and files chronologically, but some prefer doing it alphabetically or by client — it’s completely up to your preference.

Label, label, label

While it may seem over the top at times, labeling can make a huge difference when organizing a workspace. Not only are labels inexpensive, they are easy to change whenever necessary. Labeling folders, files, etc. will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and save you time, and from using all of your white out. You’ll never know when you’ll need a label, so print some off in advance and keep them at your desk.

Organize by content

If you work in a traditional cubicle setting, it is likely that your desk has drawers and maybe even a shelf or two. It can be easy to shove a day’s worth of paperwork into a drawer when it's time to clock out, but this can cause trouble later on. Paperwork and files should be placed in the same area that similar content is in. For example, keep purchase orders in one area and invoices in another. For extra organization, use labels and sticky notes to indicate what is located where. This step may require moving things around and getting used to paperwork being in new areas, but you’ll quickly learn where everything is because it will become easy to sort through.

Create a digital archive

Depending on how much paperwork your occupation deals with, even when content is organized, it may be difficult to remember where a specific folder or file is when you actually need it. A quick and efficient fix is building an archive, preferably digital, where you can log where all of the files and paperwork are located. Excel is a great program to use for this purpose.

Purchase additional storage

If you are running out of space, storage boxes can be an effective solution. They can be found at any office supply store, and they come flat so they don’t take up too much space. When needed, the boxes can be put together and provide additional storage. They can be neatly stacked in cubicle corner or underneath the desk.

Buy desk supplies and accessories

There are many desk supplies that can be purchased to help tidy up your workspace. As we mentioned,+ paper trays, racks, and baskets are great for desktop file organizing. In addition, desktop monitor stands are effective because, not only do they raise your monitor, they create additional storage space underneath; which can be extremely helpful if you have dual screens! Also, don’t be afraid to add some personal items to your desk for a unique touch. Having cherished photos and belongings on your desk will encourage you to keep your desktop tidy.

Don't let clutter build

The problem most employees have is that a small mess tends to eventually turn into a large mess. Although you may only start off with a small pile of documents on your desktop, that one pile makes it easier to form a second pile, which makes it easier to form a third, and so forth, until you are met with multiple paper towers crowding your desk area. The best way to prevent this from happening is to clear off your desk at the end of each day. Filing documents, pitching trash, and making sure everything is returned to or placed in the proper area are all great ways to avoid extra distractions the following workday.

Invest in cord control

Perhaps one of the most frustrating and unorganized areas of a desk is the cords from electronics. Cable clutter is common for many desks. Think about it, with the monitor and drive cords, internet cables, power cords, and USB cords, it is easy for them to become a tangled mess. When this happens, it can impact your productivity immensely. A solution for this is investing in a computer cable management system. Doing this will allow you to organize your cords and eliminate the snake of cords that is hidden behind or under your desk. In addition, computer cable organizers can help keep cords from tangling, as well as protect them.

By following these tips, you will have your desk and workspace clean and organized in no time. Work can be stressful enough at times; don’t let desk clutter add more stress than what is needed!

Looking for an effective and affordable desk cable organizer?

As mentioned, cord clutter can really impact the organization of a desk and workspace. The tangles get caught on our feet, we constantly have to yank on our mouse in order to create extra space to move it around — really, cord clutter is a damper on productivity and organization!

While there are many products that claim to be effective at cord control, only a few actually are.


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