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Tips for Effective Kitchen Organization

Tips for Effective Kitchen Organization

February 07, 2018

The kitchen is usually the most used area in a home. Because kitchens are popular spaces in homes, it is easy for them to become messy and unorganized. In fact, kitchens are likely the space in a home that requires the most cleaning and upkeep. Pots and pans can overflow your cabinets. Countertops are cluttered with jars, appliances, and other kitchen supplies. Snacks, paper products, and other items get shoved into pantries right alongside bulky boxes and products.

Kitchen organization can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Homeowners can easily clean and reclaim their kitchen without spending weekends and hours of work on cleaning projects. To help homeowners, we put together a list of tips that will help them clean and organize their kitchens to help so that they can use that space for cooking delicious meals and enjoying time spent with family and friends.

Tip #1: Develop a minimalistic mindset

The first step in cleaning and organizing a messy kitchen space is to give the whole area an objective assessment. This is a time to consider which items in your kitchen are actually used and worth keeping, and what items aren’t used as much — if at all — and get rid of them. During this time it is beneficial to think like a minimalist, those who only acquire only what is needed and parts ways with anything that lacks a clear, useful purpose. Developing a minimalistic mindset, homeowners will have a good beginning point to work from as they plan out their kitchen cleaning and organization strategy. When organizing your kitchen, try adapting these minimalist approaches:

  • Set aside kitchen tools, appliances, and items that are frequently used and have purpose
  • Identify duplicate items and get rid of any unnecessary extras.
  • Pitch any items that are old, rusty, broken, or unuseful

Tip #2: Break organization into manageable tasks  

Standing in front of a messy, cluttered, and unorganized kitchen can leave homeowners feeling hopeless, leading them to grab their favorite bag of potato chips and give up on their kitchen organization venture. While some kitchen messes that accumulated over an extended period of time may take a bit longer to tackle, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful to the point where you can’t even get the cleaning process started. If kitchen organization seems like an unattainable challenge, homeowners can lighten the situation by breaking the cleaning into small, quick activities. Although it may take additional time, picking one job or kitchen area to focus on, and setting enough time aside to complete it, will make a noticeable difference without spending countless hours on cleaning.

Tip #3: Indicate items' amount of use

Every kitchen has specific items and appliances that are used almost on a daily basis. Whether these items are used to prepare or eat meals, it is best to put the items that are most used in reachable places to prevent digging through cabinets in search of a needed item. There’s nothing worse than trying to find a glass to pour some water into, only having to dig through bowls and containers. By making it easy to find your favorite items by storing dishes in one area and cups in another, and putting similar preparation tools together, will not only speed up meal prep, but it will also streamline a kitchen’s appearance, too.

Tip #4: Categorize kitchen cabinets

Perhaps the most chaotic area in a kitchen — especially if you have kids —  is the cabinets. Cabinets are great for storing pots, pans, kitchen appliances, food, and other items. However, many people are guilty of using their cabinets to quickly hide messes and carelessly store items, which can play a major role in a kitchens cleanliness. For the best cabinet organization, we recommend placing similar items in the same area. Choose a logical spot to store glasses, mugs, and cups, and another area to store side plates, dinner plates, and bowls. Organizing in this mindset will make it much easier to find the items you need and may help create additional cabinet space.

Tip #5: Declutter drawers

During kitchen organizing, homeowners will eventually run across the cluttered mess in their drawers, including the ever-so-famous ‘junk drawer’. Because drawers are generally smaller and more shallow than other storage areas throughout the kitchen, it is easier for them to become unorganized and a mess. And, because drawers are constantly opening and closing, messes are bound to happen. The best way to keep things straightened and organized in kitchen drawers is by purchasing drawer organizers. These can be found at most home stores and are generally plastic or wooden inserts. These organizers can turn cluttered and messy drawers into a tidy and neat space. These drawer organizers are effective at keeping dining utensils in order, however, larger utensils, like ladles, spatulas, and mashes should be hung on a rack or stored in another area with more space.

Tip #6: Sort through the edibles

Without food, is a kitchen really a kitchen? Food is essential to kitchens, but by storing food items incorrectly or hanging on to aging or expired items can lead to a mess and make it more of a challenge to find what you’re looking for when opening the pantry or refrigerator door. Again, following a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality is helpful when going through edible items; why hang on to food or drinks if you don’t plan on eating or drinking them? Make it a goal to get rid of old or unwanted items to create an uncluttered storage space for food containing the essential items you plan to use. Check labels and expiration dates on each item located in the fridge or the panty, tossing anything expired, smelly, or bad. If you don’t like items in your food storage areas and don’t plan to use them, throw them out or give them to someone who might use them. Try to use up all existing items before taking a trip to the store to buy new, and if you’re on a health kick, use this opportunity to get rid of all unhealthy foods and replace them with healthier options.

Tip #7: Eliminate cord clutter

With all the electronics and appliances in a kitchen space, cable and cord clutter adds to the mess and disorganization of an area. Common countertop item’s, like blenders, coffee pots, and toasters, cords can quickly become tangled. Plus, these cords often take up a lot of countertop space. When homeowners are faced with a mess of tangled cords and cables, it can make the kitchen organization process frustrating. An efficient way to eliminate cord clutter is by purchasing a cable cord organizer. And, for the most effect and affordable cable organizer, homeowners should purchase the Wrappid! The Wrappid is a cable wrap that is effective at eliminating kitchen cord clutter. With this tool, homeowners can quickly hide and protect cords and cables of various kinds, while still having quick and easy access to them when needed.

We hope these seven kitchen organization tips have been helpful and provide a good starting point for homeowners to start organizing and cleaning their kitchen spaces. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog, as we will go over some additional effective kitchen organization tips. Remember, a simple organization tip is to reduce the amount of cord clutter in a kitchen. This can quickly and effectively be done by purchasing the Wrappid! Buy your Wrappid today!

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