One of the most frustrating things is encountering a tangled mess of electrical cords. From headphones to computer cables, any type of cord can easily become a tangled, cluttered mess. However, there is a solution: the WRAPPID. The WRAPPID is a cable wrap tool that is perfect for computer cable management and organizing, storing, and protecting the electrical cords throughout your home.  The WRAPPID is also perfect for traveling and reducing the space taken up in your suitcases. This easy to use cord wrap is made up of durable silicone material that is flexible and heat resistant. There isn’t a household cord that is too big or small for the WRAPPID, as it is available is three convenient sizes.

If you’ve been searching for the best headphone organizer, then you need to check out the small-sized WRAPPID. Although WRAPPID is available in three sizes, the small size makes the perfect earbud organizer. Use the small WRAPPID on items like

  • Earphones
  • Phone Chargers
  • USB Cables
  • And more!