I, like you, am dependent on my cellular phone, my computer, my tablet, my personal appliances, my kitchen appliances, my music devices, and more. All these things make my life more productive and enjoyable.

But the charging cords and other electrical cords required for these devices actually dent my productivity as they become a complicated mess of “snakes” under my desk, in my kitchen, bathrooms, and desk drawers. I trip over them. I sometimes can’t untangle them. Sometimes I can’t tell which cord goes to which device. It’s a jumbled mess that often frustrated me. I needed to organize each of these cords quickly and in a way that I could access the cord easily whenever needed.

So, I designed and patented the WRAPPID! The WRAPPID is a cable management system that allows you to wrap your cords rapidly, hold them in place, and retrieve them just as quickly. NO MORE TANGLED MESSES! It works for every length and diameter of cords and cables that I use in my home, office, and even in the garage. In addition to cord control, it works for pet leashes, extension cords, and both personal and household appliances that are sitting out on a counter or stored.

Its light weight and flexibility make it perfect for traveling. It’s made in one piece and won’t break if used as intended. And it comes in different sizes for different lengths and diameters. Because it's made of silicone, your heated personal care devices (e.g., curling irons, flat irons) can be stored in a WRAPPID just as the cords for those devices are stored in a WRAPPID at the other end. I've even used it as a cover on the very hot handles of my iron skillets when I'm cooking!

The WRAPPID slips into your bag or pocket, making it the perfect earbud organizer. The tactile surface makes holding and gripping easy for all ages, especially for people with manual challenges. It’s attractive when sitting on your counter or under your desk, and it removes all the clutter of your cords.

The WRAPPID organizes your life, at least a lot of the issues which annoy you!