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Customer Testimonials

“I am so happy to have discovered the Wrappid Cord Organizer! With all of our devices, having a way to wrap up the messy cords and wires has been so helpful. Plus, it is so easy to use. I have them at work and at home, and it has made my workspaces so much neater and cleaner looking. I hope this company makes different sizes for ear buds.”

- Stephanie N., Houston, TX

“These are great for my kitchen, my bathroom, and my carry-on travel.”

- Lamar B, Hailey, ID

“I use this product for my bathroom, especially for my hairdryer and my flatiron. I use three Wrappids in my bathroom, two of them for my flatiron. For the flatiron, I use one for the cord and the other for covering the flatiron itself. The other day, I forgot I had plugged in my flatiron (at 450°); when I finally remembered, I ran to my bathroom in horror, thinking that the counter and the Wrappid would be melted! I couldn’t believe that everything was cool and safe, because the Wrappid had absorbed all the heat!”

- Meredith W., Vero Beach, FL

“Hey! Thank you! These are great! And a good value for the $!”

- Charlie N., Edwards, CO

“This is such a cool product! I have a lot of dogs, as well as the usual home / kitchen appliances. I hate it when I have tangled cords and dog leashes all over the place! The leashes are easily contained and managed with the Wrappid. I also like that my kitchen appliances don’t have cords all over the counters now that they are managed inside this cool product! Where has this product been?!?!”

- Jessie B., Richmond, TX

“A good price for a good solution. I have five of them. Thank you for solving a BIG home management issue for me.”

- Alexandra Z., Brooklyn, NY

“This is great! What’s next?”

- V. Russell, Gunnison, CO

“The Wrappid manages my hair dryer cords in the master bathroom my wife and I share. Thank G we have more room on the countertops! We also have a small television in the bathroom with two cords – now out of the way!”

- Ricardo A., Bellaire, Texas

“I love this product! “

- Helen W., Norman, OK

"I am so happy I found this product! It has really made my home so much more organized. Especially with cleaning-- I don't ever have to worry about the vacuum eating my cords which used to be SUCH a headache. Thank you Wrappid!!!"

-Alex, Norwalk, CT