How it Works

Do you often find yourself frustrated due to the clutter of cords in your bathroom, kitchen, or travel bags? Are you sick of tripping over cables, having a tangled mess under your desk and around your work area? Are you in need of a cable cord organizer that will help organize the clutter of cords throughout your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the WRAPPID is the perfect organization solution for your clutter of cables, whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom, under a desk, behind the TV – completely eliminate tangled messes!

What Does WRAPPID Do?

WRAPPID is effective in reducing bathroom and kitchen clutter by quickly organizing cords and cables from personal appliances, charging cords, and kitchen appliances. The WRAPPID is also great for organizing cords during travel, – whether in suitcases, travel bags, or purses – perfect for straighteners, hair dryers, computer and tablet chargers, headphones, and much more! The ergonomically designed organizational tool is the perfect desk cable organizer, which can help increase your productivity whether at home or in the office. Unlike other cable management systems, the WRAPPID is made of one, durable, piece that is made to last. This cable cord organizer is lightweight, flexible, and is made of silicone – perfect for cords that may be warm after an extended period of use. The WRAPPID can even be used to store hot items like straighteners and other personal appliances, offering storage protection during travel.

How Does WRAPPID Work?

There isn’t a cable management system that is more simple than WRAPPID! In just three simple and rapid steps, you’ll have your cords and cables organized! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Take the end of a cord and fold it to the base of the appliance or electronic.
  2. Fold the cord again.
  3. Insert the cord into the radial end of the WRAPPID and viola! You just WRAPPIDLY organized your cords.

WRAPPID Tip: for longer cords, additional folding may be necessary

Unlike other cable cord organizers, the WRAPPID is great for organizing kitchen and bathroom appliances while still allowing the appliance to be used. That's right, simply use the WRAPPID to eliminate cord clutter, and plug it in! Your appliances and electronics will still be accessible!

Other Great Features

There are many great reasons to choose WRAPPID to organize your cords and cables. Be sure to check out the videos below! If you would like more information about this revolutionary cable management system, please contact us! Check out some other great features:

  Eliminates cord clutter  
  Silicone design makes it resistant to heat
  Extremely durable 
  Perfect for travel
  Fits in handbags, travel bags, suitcases, and more!
  Interior grips and holds cords
  Exterior texture makes holding easy
  No moving mechanical parts to break or replace
  Lasts for the life of your ownership with proper use
  Easily stores pet leashes
  Organizes all common household extension cords
  No more “snaking” cords on your countertops or floors
  Folding procedure makes full or partial removal of cords easy and efficient
  Smaller size for computer and phone charging cords
  Earbuds remain tangle-free
  Easily fits in a purse, bag, drawer, suitcase
  Keeps fitness equipment neat (jump ropes, stretch bands)
  No more annoying and time-consuming wrapping long cords around clothes irons, vacuum cleaners, appliances
  Keeps children’s pull-toys untangled
  Creates more space in drawers formerly congested with lengths of appliance cords
  US Patented and Trademarked product